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NRC Handelsblad
150 Psalms haakt geslaagd in op actualiteit
by Mischa Spel

And now I am here.

AmsterdamFM, ‘Kunst en Cultuur op Vrijdag’
Interview with Rabiaâ Benlahbib by Beitske de Jong
(Dutch spoken)

Rooms of Humanity

What is Happening Now?
Event Review – ‘Rooms of Humanity’
by Laurien Vastenhout & Arja Oomkens

Africans & Hague Justice

Int Law Grrls
Highlights from the Conference on Africans and Hague Justice:
Realities and Perceptions of the International Criminal Court in Africa
by Cecilia Marcela Bailliet

Rwanda 20 Years: Portraits of Reconciliation

The Calvert Journal
Photo of the week: an intimate portrait of reconciliation in post-genocide Rwanda
by Liza Premiyak

Feature Shoot
Stories of Hope, Strength and Reconciliation in Rwanda
by Eva Clifford

The New York Times
Portraits of Reconciliation – ‘My Conscience was not Quiet’
by Susan Dominus

PJL: PhotoJournalismLinks
by Mikko Takkunen

The Huffington Post
Why Rwanda Needs Healing Narratives
by Marina Cantacuzino

Future TV Network
مجرمو مجزرة رواندا والناجون منها في صورة واحدة لتصفية القلوب

New Statesman
If a genocide on the scale of Rwanda happened in Europe, would we stand idly by?
by Musa Okwonga

Reading The Pictures
On Pieter Hugo’s Portraits of Reconciliation from Rwanda

Everyday Ambassador
20 Years Later, Crucial Lessons from Rwanda’s Genocide
by Kate Otto

The Hairpin
20 Years After Genocide, Forgiveness Portraits from Rwanda
by Jia Tolentino

Episcopal Café
Reconciliation in Rwanda

Glamour Paris
Génocide au Rwanda, 20 ans après : les victimes posent avec leurs anciens bourreaux
Au Rwanda, portraits de réconciliation

EO Beam
Twintig jaar na de volkerenmoord: verhalen van verzoening

Amafoto n’ubuhamya bw’abiyunze n’ababiciye muri Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi
by Yanditswe Kuya

Religion Factor
Understanding Evil, Encouraging Forgiveness: Lessons from Rwanda 20 years on

Kontrapress | The New York Times
Dve decenije genocida u Ruandi: Portreti pomirenja
by Susan Dominus

Blogg HD
Offer och förövare i Rwanda
by Sören Sommelius

Who Cares
Rwanda 20 jaar later: Slachtoffers en daders samen op de foto
by Jessica Numann

Liberal Planet | I Acknowledge
Incredible Portraits of Perpetrators and Survivors of Rwanda Genocide Show Forgiveness is Possible
Archived from the original on 2015-09-15

Common Dreams
Portraits of Reconciliation: If I Am Not Stubborn, Life Moves Forward
by Abby Zimet

با قاتل خانواده‌تان عکس می‌گیرید؟

Mad House News
Руанда: 20 лет спустя, пережившие геноцид позируют рядом со своими обидчиками
by Maxim Mezentsev

Domingo El Universal
Ruanda: El Perdón Llega 20 Años Después

Los Herrajeros
La Reconciliación Hutu y Tutsi en Ruanda (Archived copy)
by Jorge Spinoza
Archived from the original on 2016-03-04.

La Nacion
Ruanda: 20 años después
by Raúl Eduardo Sánchez

Ensaio fotográfico coloca assassinos e vítimas lado a lado em Ruanda 10 anos depois da guerra civil
by Luiz de Queiroz
Archived from the original on 2015-07-22

Ruanda como ejemplo de perdón

Le Vif
Entre Leurs Mains
by Quentin Noirfalisse

The most touching acts of forgiveness we’ve ever seen
by Flannery Dean
¿Hasta dónde llega tu capacidad de perdón? Cuando víctimas y victimarios se sientan a charlar
Archived from the original on 2015-09-09

تصویر عفو؛ بیست سال پس از نسل کشی

Noor News
با قاتل خانواده‌تان عکس می‌گیرید؟

با قاتل خانواده‌تان عکس می‌گیرید؟

با قاتل خانواده تان عکس می‌گیرید؟ +تصاویر