Our cultural education programme aims to encourage children and youth to become compassionate and responsible citizens with a strong sense of ethics; critical listeners and free thinkers, who are able to reflect on our complex world from different perspectives and turn their reflections into creative ideas and forms of artistic expression, to be shared with and reflected on among peers.

In which ways do animals forgive?

What does ‘belonging’ mean in your life?


“Dear grandpa and grandma,
How long do I still have to wait
until you will return back from heaven to me?”



Workshop ‘De Blijbaan’
Festival De Betovering, The Hague;


In our cultural participation programme, we provide participatory artistic workshops outside of school settings. These workshops may be transformative in nature and are often interlinked with our artistic research practice.

‘In which ways does our common colonial past work through in the present?’







CANCELLED Arts session
Humanity in Action Fellows, Quartair, The Hague

foto ©James Petermeier/Creative Court for CANCELLED


In the field of talent development, we teach and work with art students and starting professionals, giving special attention to dilemmas that artists may encounter while working in complex environments. The programme deals with topics such as flexible concept development, scenario thinking, working with vulnerable groups and the artist’s moral compass, among others.

How to innovatively engage new audiences in reflections stemming from themes from Rwanda 20 Years: Portraits of Reconciliation?










‘Practical Forgiveness’ by Milda
2nd year class I|M|D Interaction, Media, Design
Royal Academy of Arts (KABK), the Hague