LEGACI is an artistic-academic collaboration, exploring the potential of participatory theatrical methodologies in relation to policy and policymaking. In 2022, the partners, based in the Netherlands and Spain, will be looking into the Faro convention – a European treaty for the protection of cultural heritage and the rights of citizens to access and participate in that heritage.

In each of the participating countries, an artistic organisation aiming to contribute to social transformation designs a pilot series of theatre-based workshops which people from the local community are invited to take part in. Simultaneously, their academic partner analyses this artistic research process in order to create and put forward concrete policy recommendations on a European level. Throughout the project the four partners meet regularly to gather and exchange knowledge and experiences.

The workshops are built around participatory theatrical methodologies fostering civic empowerment and active engagement, such as Legislative Theatre, Healing the Wounds of History and Polarized Theatre of the Oppressed. Diversity and inclusion set the stage for the workshops.

LEGACI is a partnership between Creative Court (The Hague, NL), La Xixa (Barcelona, ES), Centre for Religion and Heritage (CRH) / Groningen University (RUG) (Groningen, NL) and Investigacions en Sociologia de la Religió (ISOR) / University of Barcelona (Barcelona, ES).

This project is co-funded by the European Union.

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