The Innocence Lab

[pilot 2020 | project 2021 – 2024]

How does our shared colonial past work through in our daily encounters in the present?

The Innocence Lab is an artistic research and methodology development process, through which we aim to shed more light on mechanisms of polarisation and depolarisation, that derive from our shared colonial past and work through in our daily encounters.

The arts, having the potential to induce humaneness, depth, and transformation, are a unique source of inspiration and information for scientific research and can lead to knowledge building in fields where other disciplines may be deficient.

The Innocence Lab is the start of a multi-year European project at the intersection of art, science and social change. It will start off in the Netherlands, Creative Court’s home base.

The project’s pilot phase will be developed in collaboration with Hotel Eldorado / Giselle Vegter, theatre maker, dramatherapist and teacher within the international Masters Artist Educator (iMAE) at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem. Our previous collaboration was Rooms of Humanity. For more information on the workshop methodology, see Arts-based Research.

The Innocence Lab – partners (preliminary list)

The Netherlands:
Creative Court
Hotel Eldorado
H401, Amsterdam
Korzo, Den Haag
University of Amsterdam
University of Utrecht
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Further Projects